Big Farm Charity Event

Big Farm Plant A Tree Event

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest wants to plant 10.000 real trees in Australia and the Rain Forest.

Today Goodgame Studios suprised us with an interesting In-Game Event, which is also a charity event.

During the event, you will get little tree saplings for fulfilled market contracts. The more tree saplings you collect, the more trees they will plant.

To take part, please check your quest book: Fulfil the first tree sapling quest and get the little charity acorn as a reward.With this acorn you can build our unique charity event decoration: The Tree Nursery.

This little chari-tree growing place is nurtured by Eva Apple. She loves mother nature and looking after her little trees. But it is always easier to have a helping hand and so she needs YOU to help her improve the tree nursery!

By fulfilling market contracts you will get little charitable tree saplings. With those tree saplings you’ll be able to upgrade the tree nursery and make the trees grow. Also check out the quest book again, since our charity quests specifically ask you to upgrade the tree nursery and you will get great rewards for fulfilling the tasks. However, to save the planet, one step is not enough. Therefore, after upgrading the first one to the maximum level, you will be able to get the next tree nursery.

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