FarmTogether will not get more land or farm hands

FarmTogether Cover Xbox

No DLC with land expansion or farmhands planned

Player Billy-Joel asked the developer Milkstone Sudios in a tweet about the those 2 questions. Because he currently plans to give his farm a complete make-over, so he is obviously interested if the map gets bigger. So that he could factor this in, in his future farm layout. A reasonable question I would say.

Image showing tweet to FarmTogether developers Milkstone Studios about future DLC plans for farm expansion

Thankfully he got an answer from the social media person or social media team from FarmTogether.

The answer was very clear, stating that neither more land would be coming in future. Also no new farm hands are planned.

The reason for this are simply hardware restrictions. Some of the older devices and of course the Nintendo Switch might be to weak to be able to calculate the game in a decent frames per second scenario. So the developers will leave the amount of land and farm hands as it is.

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