Top Farming Games Charts for week 2 of 2020

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This week brings a lot of surprises since we have a brandnew number 1 and our leader from last week HayDay is now only second.

Good news for Field Day this week, they boosted forward to the 3rd spot, which is the biggest gain of the week with 7 places.

We also have 2 more new entries, allthough they are not new games. Farmer Sim 2018 and FarmVille 2: Tropical Escape at the bottom of the table.

iOS Top Farming GamesWeek 2 of 2020
1 (-) -
1 (1) -1HayDay
3 (10) +7Field Day
4 (2) -2FarmVille 2: Country Escape
5 (6) +1Big Farm: Mobile Harvest
6 (3) -3Farming Simulator 14
7 (5) -2Rilakkuma Farm
8 (4) -2Harvest Land
9 (-) -Farmer Sim 2018
10 (-) -Farmville 2: Tropical Escape


Because we did not have enough data last week for the Android games, we changed our way to collect the data. So we can not make comparisons this week.

02/20Top Farming Games Android / Google Play
2Hay Day
3Big Farm: Mobile Harvest
5Family Farm Seaside
6Family Island
7Farm Simulator 14
8Harvest Land
9Idle Farming Empire
10Farm Simulator 18


On Steam we could only find 1 farming game this week, which made it to the Top 100 by playtime. And thats Stardew Valley.

Review: Link to Charts week 01 of 2020

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