How to find friend farmers in Hay Day

Where can I find friend codes from other players in Hay Day?

In these days the gaming community is very segmented, and you can’t find hardly one in your circle who plays the same game, right?

But the mobile games, especially our farming games reward you for playing together with friends, because the developer hopes that would bring new players to the game. But if you don’t know anybody from your circle who plays Hay Day too, we have the solution for that.

I found 3 different providers of Hay Day friend codes. But first of all, how can you add new friends on Hay Day?

This is quite easy. In the game just click in the bottom right corner into that round icon, which has a 2 human shapes inside. Next you come to a new screen which has 5 tabs. But the interesting icon for you is the big book at the left. This is the Hay Day Friend Book. Once inside there you will see a screen similar to this:

First you see their your own tag. This tag is important if you want to give your friend code to other. You can write down or copy your own tag with or without the # symbol.

Under your tag is a field and next to it a Search button. Write there the friend code which you got from the sources which I will mention in a few seconds.

If the code was correct, you will see the name of the farm underneath and a green button to start the friend request. The other player can now accept or decline your friend request, when he or she visits the Friend Book.

Okay so you are asking where you can get this friend codes for Hay Day from?

The easiest way is to use a website called FCSWAP. I assume the FC stands for friend codes. The friend codes list for Hay Day can be found here.

Currently it has 124 codes. I am not so sure how current the site is. But it says you can bump your own code for 24 hours and since it had bumped codes, I would assume at least the bumped codes and the first few are friend codes from players currently active on Hay Day.

The second source for Hay Day friend codes is the official Discord. You can open Discord in the browser or as app on computers and mobile phones and tablets. If you never used the app before its probably the easiest way to copy or click on this link:

This will lead you to the right channel in that community. They have a channel for only friend codes but no talk, so that is sweet.

There are already a few post with codes from this month and also the ones from previous months should be still good.

The last source is Reditt . But the newest post is 3 years old, so maybe they are too old.

Now you know where you can find new friends for Hay Day. But since you already came to my blog I want to share a few of that friend codes with you. Of course not too many because no copy-paste allowed. And if you want your friend code removed from here, just comment or write a mail to

By the way, I will hide my own friend code in between 🙂

Hay Day friend codes






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