The Daily Events in week 3 – Hay Day

Hay Day events

Are this boosts and doublers and extras worth it? Check it out!

This is the event update for week 3 of 2020 in Hay Day, from Monday 13 th January until Sunday, January 19 th.

hay day event board 3/2020
Hay Day calendar 2020 week 3

On Monday we start with the Farm visitor yard sale for this items: dahlias, daisies, lupines, harp, accordion, tuba, cello, guitar, caterpillar, stack of wood.

On Tuesday Jan 14 th its time for the Fishing boost: Lobsters and lures will get 30%.

So on Wednesday than is the Boat event with unlimited extra boosters.

Jan 16 is a Thursday and brings you double coins from town visitors.

The Friday will feature a Crop yield (you will receive 3 random crops instead of 2).

On Saturday you will receive double coins on Truck orders.

And on Sunday its time to spin the wheel and get Expansion items (barn/silo/land).

The events always starts at early European mornings.


EU (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany..) 9AM

Russia: 11 AM

Sydney: 7 PM

USA: 3 AM (New York), 1 AM Los Angeles

Which event will you use if you can not play every day? Do you miss any events which should be coming again? Let me know in the comments.

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