Which Farming Games To Play On PC, PS 4, XBOX For Free

Since now is a time with no news or updates coming from the developers of our beloved farming games, we took some time to find out where you can find the most and or best farming games for free on consoles and pc.

Because there are subscription services like PlayStation Now, Xbox Gamepass and Utomik for PC, which require you to pay a little fee per month, it is possible to have access to more or less farming games, without the need to buy them.

This subcriptions can be cancelled monthly and all of them have a trial period. So if you feeling like you want to try a new farming game but dont have the money, or if you just wanna know how you can save money and which farming games are available for free, check out our guide: free farming games PC, XBOX, PlayStation in subscription services.

Free Farming Games On PC

Utomik (PC)

The most free farming games you get on Utomik. And they are the cheapest also. They offer a 14 days trial, and after 6,99 USD per month. If you are interested into other, mostly casual genres too, they also have by far the most games, with currently 1500 games.

Free Farming Games on PC
So which farming games are currently on Utomik?

We will provide a list of all the games we found, but most of them are clones from the free-to-play mobile games. But we also found 2 gems, which would worth our 6,99 for sure. There is Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition which also has console versions and costs 20 USD on Steam.

Play Farming Game Harvest Moon for free

And the other game we found interesting is Farming World. This game has a more strategic and manager approach. But there are also game series spamming the list. We counted at least 14 Farm Frenzy games. So if someone is a huge fan of the Farm Frenzy universe, Utomik is your place to go.

Here now the full list of all the 26 games we found and believed this can be called farming games.

Farm 2
Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy 2
Farm Frenzy 3
Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie
Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age
Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar
Farm Frenzy 3 Russian Roulette
Farm Frenzy 4
Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome
Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing
Farm Frenzy Heave Ho
Farm Frenzy Hurricane Season
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes
Farmania 2
Farmania Hot Vacation
Farming Word
Harvest Moon Light Of Hope
Sunshine Acres
The Joy of Farming
Virtual Farm
Virtual Farm 2
Youda Farmer
Youda Farmer 2 Save The Village
Youda Farmer 3 Seasons
Farming Games Utomik
Free Farming Games on PS4 PlayStation

PlayStation Now

Now for the consoles, we did not expect so many games as on computers, simply because there are not so many farming games on consoles. Because the developers think this is a niche and not many people would play farming games on consoles. What a nonsense, right?

But still Sony managed to get the Farming Simulator franchise on to the service. And they have even all 3 versions, wow! Farming simulator is a really realistic simulator and since you can get it for free via PS Now, isnt that wonderful? There is another realistic farming sim included currently and that is Real Farm.

Free Farming Games on Ps4

PS Now has a 7 days trial and will cost 9,99 USD after that per month. If you decide to subscribe for 3 months or a a year in advance, you will save money and pay less.

So which farming games are currently on PlayStation Now?

So here is the not so long list of Farming Games currently for free via the PlayStation Now subscription. But there are over 650 games from other genres.

Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 17
Farming Simulator 19
Real Farm
Farming Games PS Now
Free Farming Games on Xbox

XBOX Gamepass

And what about console gamers on the Xbox?

Unfortunately there is currently only one farming game on the Gamepass and thats the Farming Simulator. But its the 2017s version. The game is sometimes on sales for around 20 Dollars. And since the Gamepass costs you 9.99 USD per month, you could buy the full game and own it forever for 2 months of the subscription. But of course if you like other genres there are much more games to play, they promise to have over 100 games in rotation. So in the end it might be cheaper for you.

So which farming game(s) are is currently on XBOX Gamepass?
Farming Simulator 17


So if you are looking out for some new games on your machines, why not try out the free trials, which all of them give? But once you are ready to invest money for the subscriptions be advised, that all the games which are now included must not stay on the services forever. Most of the time the developers or publishers agreed with the service owners a dedicated timeframe in which the game is available. After that time they might jump to another service or negotiate another timeframe or completely remove the game from the subscription services and make it available only to buy.

Have this in mind when you decide between owning a game or in this case renting a game. If you only play 1 or 2 games from that services and you get fully addicted and cant stop playing them, it might have been cheaper for you to just buy them, instead of renting them every month and after that have to buy them, because they are removed out if the rotation.

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