FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Win the Dog Butler in Animal Hotel event

Farmville 2: Country Escapes

The Animal Hotel will be open from today (Jan 15) to the 2nd of February 2020.

This article was for the winter holidays event. Please go to for a full guide on the summer 20 Animal Hotel Event.

Update: Hey, I know that most of you did not received your rewards, which where promised from the Animal Hotel Event . I have contacted Zynga’ s (developer) PR company to get a statement and to find out if you can get help or compensation for your missing rewards. Subscribe to my blog, at the right side, to don’t miss any update about the missing Animal Hotel rewards.

If you have reached level 12 or higher you can participate in this new event in FarmVille 2: Country Escapes.

The idea behind the hotel for animals is that all the farm hands left for the winter holidays. But they could not take their pets with them. This is why you need to open the animal hotel and take care of those animals. In the event you can compete with other players to run the best Animal Hotel in the county! If you don’t see the Animal Hotel you should close the game by force or reboot your phone / tablet.

To get started tap on the Pet Hotel building which looks like this.

There are 5 phases which you have to complete one after the another. Only if you complete the fifth and last phase you will get the Dog butler as reward.

Phase Rewards

Phase 1 : 2 Padlocks and 10 Speed Seed
Phase 2 : 2 Barn Nails, 2 Yellow Ribbons and 5 Golden Gloves
Phase 3 : 2 Padlocks, 3 Shovels and 3 Bronze Stamps
Phase 4 :10 Keys and 2 Red Ribbons
Phase 5 : 5 Silver Stamps, 1 Gold Stamp, 1 Blue Ribbon and the Dog Butler!

The Dog butler is a temporary reward. He will stay for 7 days on your farm and can fetch any item which you want.

If you have completed all 5 phases you will qualify for the tournament Animal Hotel Showdown Leaderboard.

If you win the Leaderboard the Dog Butler will stay at your farm for another 7 days.

So what do you think about the Animal Hotel event? I think the reward is quite small? There could be more and the Dog Butler looks not cute but a bit scary, or? Will you play this event and have qualified for the Leaderboard? Let me know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Win the Dog Butler in Animal Hotel event”

  1. i ‘won’ the leaderboard event but no rewards – nothing. no dog butler, no stamps, nothing. where is dog butler? i was 4th place….

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