FarmVille 2 Winter Fishing Tournament

FarmVille 2 winter fishing tournament

Win a baby Grey Chinchilla, Amber Shovel and trophies.

Over at FarmVille 2 the winter has officially started with the Winter Fishing Tournament.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “The Winter Fishing Tournament!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Building” button to begin the feature.

First you need to have all the materials for building the fishing spot and the shack.

Then, hire builders or you can ask your friends for help.

This is how the Fishing Tournament Shack looks , and you can place anywhere in your farm.


The fishing spot will get automatically set into the river and looks like this.


You can catch 4 types of fishes. Each of these fish belongs to a different weight category.

Ground bait

Before you can proceed to fish, the parts of the river must first be prepared. To prepare the area you’ll be needing Ground bait. Click on the “Prep Area” button to see how to use Ground bait.

You can get Ground bait by crafting them. There are 3 Ground baits.


Once you have the complete ingredients you need, you can click on the Make button.


There is a waiting time for the Ground bait to be crafted.

While you are waiting, you can prepare another fishing area.

After the Ground bait is crafted, you can click the “Go Fishing” button.

Tournament Point Scores

When you use a Premium Ground bait you will be able to catch 3 fish. These fish will be weighed to get the total Tournament Point Scores.

Keep fishing to get more points. Get more points to fill up the milestone meter and you’ll get rewards when you reach specific milestones. The yellow bar will mark your progress.

On the left side of the menu the overall ranking of farmers in the tournament is. The top three farmers at the end of the tournament will get rewards.

On the right side of the Scoreboard, you can see your personal score. The list shows the points you’ve earned for each type of fish you caught in the tournament. Get the highest points for each fish to win rewards!

Go get the most points for the Leaderboard Score and Individual Records to get the best prizes!

Will you participate in the Winter Fishing Tournament or skip this one? Let me know in the comments. Also if you need friends to help build your fishing shack visit our Facebook page and ask for new friends to add you.

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