BIG FARM: Getting crazy with 4 events at the same time

Big Farm Hot Dog Event

Hey, you feel overwhelmed with Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is running currently four events at the same time? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

What is going on with the developers of BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest? While we all want new events and new things, this might be too much.

Over in Facebook the users started complaining, expressing that 4 events at the same time is totally not okay, guys.

So lets just remember what are the at the moment active events in BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest. And since we just started our site this year, we covered them all.

It all begins with the humble and totally needed event to plant trees to save the planet. During the event, you will get little tree saplings for fulfilled market contracts. The more tree saplings you collect, the more trees they will plant.

Read more about this in our One Tree Planted Charity Update.

They also started this Friday with the Bee Tournament & Food Truck Event.

You can see more about that in our BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest Update from yesterday.

And now they even started another event. Help Claire with food preparations for the great farm dog competition and get tasty treats in return.

It is the Claire’s Hot Dog Bowl Collecting Event.

We will not update our Homepage to write about this event for now, because there is too much action going on, the information about the event are not available and we think the Charity event needs to stand alone and to attract as many users as possible. So there should not be 3 other events making players to loose focus on getting the trees in the real world planted.

I don’t want to think bad about the developers and the team behind the marketing. But the charity event is the only one, where the developers have to get some money from their account into the charity organisation which which will get paid from Big Farm to actually plant the trees.

And maybe the Plant-A-Tree event was so successful, that they are realizing, they need 3 other events and lure the players into spending more in-game money with consumable items needed to win the other 3 events.

So they can keep their monthly income in balance and will not loose money?

We don’t know but for us, it looks like this.

Now what do you think? Also if you are working on the game, we would like to know your opinion, contact us at .

And you, the players, can you even afford to play all the 4 events at the same time? What are your thoughts and which event you prioritize if any? Let us know in the comments section, or join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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