Township Valentine’s Event starting soon


Prepare with the Lantern Festival which is currently running.

Township Lantern festival
township lantern festival

The Valentine’s Day Event in Township will start at February 8 th 2020.

You will be able to send romantic decorations or animated sticker to your co-op partners or friends. Also 8 unique holiday decorations will be available.

This week just started the Lantern Festival. In Preparation for the Valentine’s Event you have to help Piggy the pig with decorating the town.

The event will be played as a little mini-game where you have to let jump Piggy from rooftop to rooftop, scoring points for each safely arrived rooftop.

Use your finger or pen to choose the apropriate trajectory linr for Piggy, so he will make it to the next building und ultimately to the goal line.

There are both personal and competition which you can achieve to earn rewards.

In 4 days, on January 24 th is also another Double Play event.

How are you doing in the Lantern Festival? And if you need co-op partners or new friends for Valentine’s you can also post into the comments or on our Facebook page.

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