How to get the baby Champagne Hedgehog in FarmVille 2: Country Escape Singles´ Events


Help Rusty to find his Valentine by building a Ceremony Table on your farm where you will have Singles’ Events, where he can meet the ladies.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Will You Accept This Rose?” popup will appear. To get started, click on the “Place Ceremony Table” button.

farmville 2 Singles’ Events

To start constructing the Table, you should initially gather every one of the materials you need.

building materials needed for farmville 2 country escape singles events ceremony table

Next, request that your companions give you a hand with the development or contract a few Builders.

The completed Ceremony Table will resemble this:

In the Ceremony Table, you will have four Singles’ Events: Mix and Mingle, Basket Bidding, Musical Soiree, and Rose Ceremony. The principal occasion must be finished before the following one is opened.

So as to have an occasion, you will require Compatibility Notes and four companions to acknowledge your welcome.

You can get Compatibility Notes by finishing the errands alloted for every occasion. Snap on the Make It!, Get It!, and Go to Farm! catches to satisfy these assignments.

You can likewise get Compatibility Notes by obtaining them utilizing Farm Bucks.

Monitor what number of Compatibility Notes you have gathered by checking the counter in the menu.

When you have gathered the necessary number of notes, you would now be able to invite your friends.

After four of your companions have acknowledged the welcome, click on the Host Singles’ Event! button.

The following occasion is presently opened and you can start gathering greater Compatibility Notes for it.

For every occasion, you’ll get the accompanying prizes in the wake of gathering the required Compatibility Notes and getting 4 companions to acknowledge your welcome:

Blend and Mingle Event: Resource Pack

Bin Bidding Event: 2 Romantic Rose Centerpiece

Melodic Soiree Event: Resource Pack

Rose Ceremony Event: Romantic Rose Seater

Complete facilitating every one of the Singles’ Events inside the time distributed to win the baby Champagne Hedgehog and 10 Favors!

Farmville 2: Country Escape Singles´Events Main Prize:

Have you got the Update with the Singles´Events already or still waiting for it? Do you play the event? Let me know in the comments. Also if you have questions or tricks and ideas.

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