Win farm hand Billy in the FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape A Whale of a Tale Event

It’s that season once more! Humpback whales are currently moving so Jack and Kerry McLeod have been following a case of humpback whales right from Alaska. A unique humpback named Winifred joined the case a couple of days prior. Jack and Kerry are recording her personal conduct standards for their show. Help Jack and Kerry McLeod report a unique whale’s excursion!

If you are at least Level 9, you will find the opportunity to join the whale viewing in the “A Whale of a Tale” occasion. You should force close the game to see the update, or even reboot your gadget.

The A Whale of a Tale is a Leaderboard occasion and it is comprised of two rounds. A Whale of a Tale Round 1 beginnings on January 21 and finishes on January 26. Next, A Whale of a Tale Round 2 will run from January 27 until February 1.

Gain a Gold Rank in any of the Rounds and you will win Billy the mascot, a Temporary Farmhand, for 20 days. Mean to arrive at the Gold Rank in the two Rounds to get the Harvestable Whale Fountain!

Start off the examination by tapping on the Ocean Diorama creation set close to the sea shore.

You will seek the most elevated position on the Leaderboard by gathering the most Research Points.

You’ll get Research Points when you turn in provisions at the Ocean Diorama creation set.

Pay special mind to the chum buckets around the island to win additional Research Points!

As you progress in the Leaderboard, you will likewise have the option to achieve your Daily Goals! Arriving at your Daily Goals will give you Badges.

Gather Badges to open prizes. These prizes will change for each round.

Booster Bonuses!

To get more Research Points, utilize these Boosts: x1.5 and x2 Point Bonus Boost. You can update x2 Bonus to x3 to get considerably more Research Points.

The Booster will DOUBLE the things you get from ALL your island Landmarks!

Brief Landmark: Winifred the Humpback Whale

Winifred the Humpback Whale is a brief territory that you can rummage for occasion things required during the investigation of whale movement.

Brief Guides: Jack and Kerry McLeod

You can lease Jack and additionally Kerry McLeod as Temporary Guides to assist you with trip during the occasion. They will give you a higher possibility of finding uncommon items.

Note: Jack and Kerry McLeod are transitory farmhands, and will just remain on your homestead for the entire span of the A Whale of a Tale occasion.

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