Farming Simulator 21 not coming before April 2021

Or maybe would be named Farming Simulator 22 than.

A big surprise today for all fans of the Farming Simulator franchise from Giants Software. As Publisher Focus Home Entertainment presented their results for the third quarter of their fiscal year 2019/2020.


In the statement they announced that GIANTS Software, the owner of Farming Simulator has informed Focus HE that no new Farming Simulator title will launch is Fiscal Year 2020/21 which is ending in March 2021.

But they will continue working on expansion and DLC Add-ons.

They reason might be, that both Microsoft and Sony are releasing new powerful consoles in late fall of 2020. So it would make no sense releasing a new Farming Simulator now for the current generation of consoles, because of their hardware restrictions.

I believe the next Farming Simulator will be developed to have the same quality with the PC-version of the game and that the console versions should not stay behind. So in my opinion this really makes sense, especially when the next Xbox and PlayStation 5 will be strong on hardware and will not have to hide behind current PC games.

This does not mean that the next Farming Simulator game will not come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They might get a dumped down version from the new generation systems. However it is much more easier to develop for a much better hardware and then downgrade the code to fit into older generation hardware than the other way around.


But we will see. So this is giving us at least 15 more months time to play with our current farms in Farming Simulator 19. Maxing them all out and getting all the trophies and achievements.

And more DLC and Add-ons doesnt sound too bad either, right?

Now tell me what is your opinion about this? Are you sad or dont mind? And dont forget to watch the Farming Simulator League Competition from Leipzig this weekend. If you want to create a team and participate in the Farming Simulator League, its the best time now, because you will have at least 15 months until the league switches to another version.


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