Get awesome items in Hay Day Lunar New Year Calendar

items in Hay Day Lunar New Year Calendar

Today I received a bunch of diamonds for Hay Day.

This news article will be short but nevertheless its important to know.

As the world is celebrating the Lunar New Year, also Hay Day is giving away gifts to you, the players.

Go and visit Greg at his farm, where you can see this red boxes with golden decoration.

Tap to open them and receive some nice gifts. Today I had a bunch of diamonds in my box, that was a nice surprise! Other players got bamboo and where also happy with that.

This event Greg´s Lunar New Year Calendar will be running from today until 30 th of January. You can open one box per day.

For sure now you can’t wait to get up in the morning and check Greg`s calendar but in case of you missed one day, unopened boxes will remain on his farm until February 3rd.

What was in your calendar? Please let me know in the comments.

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