Lunar New Year Sales Of Farming Games

stardew valley deal

Get these awesome farming games cheaper in the various Lunar New Year Sales from different vendors.

Let me start with the surprise Indie farming game of the last 4 years and there are still some people who never purchased it. Stardew Valley is included in the Humble Bundle Sweet Farm Deal. I am using an affiliate link here, which means if you buy there, I will get a little credit for the Humble store and can buy more games to review or play with you.

With the Bundle you can get Stardew Valley plus 6 other games for just 10 $.

Steam has started a very brief Lunar New Year Sale, so you really have to hurry.

Stardew Valley is here 33 % off, the Farming Simulator 20 %, also some Farming Simulator 19 Add-ons.

Farm Together is by 25 % reduced and Farmer`s Dynasty 15 %.

The Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Special Edition is even 50 % less from the normal price. The records holds Harvest Life with a 90 % reduction.

Your Island KIMI NO SIMA has a price reduction of unsual 24 %.

Real Farm is down to 2$, which is a 90 % reduction. The game is currently also so cheap on the PlayStation 4 store.

And Farm Tribe 2 is also down 50 %.

These are just a few of the deals at the Steam Lunar New Year Sale. If you go there you can surely find more.

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