Win the baby White Peruvian Paso Fino Horse in Farmville 2

How to get the Baby Peruvian Horse in FarmVille 2 : Country Escape

Marie started teaching the kids about companionship among animals. You can help by joining the Companions We Are Event.

If you are level 15 or higher you will get the Pop-up to start building your Companion Cottage. If you don’t see the event, force close the game or reboot your device.

Next you need to collect the materials for the Companion Cottage. Now ask up to 4 of your friends to help and hire them as builders.

This is the image of the Companion Cottage for the animals.

In the cottage will be always 2 animals waiting to start their training. For starting the training you will earn Tution Points.

Before the training begins, you need to assign an animal to each student for them to study. To assign an animal, click on the Add Animal button.

There will be a variety of animals you can choose from to assign to each student. When making a choice, take note that each animal gives out a different number of Tuition Points. Click on the animal that you have selected to assign it to a student.

You can buy an adult animal from the store, or raise the baby animal in the Companion Cottage.

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After raising the animal, you can now begin training the student.

For their training, the students must be provided with Course Supplies.

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The Course Supplies that the student will need are shown in the Order Board.

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You can get the Course Supplies by clicking the Craft button on the panel below.

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If you have the complete ingredients, craft the supply by clicking on the Make button.

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Ingredients for Companion Cookies – Farmville Companions Event

After crafting the supply, the student will be able to use it when you click on the Complete button.

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Give Course Supplies and Companion Cottage

Once the student has completed the training, you’ll get Tuition Points. You’ll also be able to choose to keep the animal used for the training or give it to your student for extra Course Supply Ingredients.

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Give animal to student or place on your farm – Farmville 2 Country Escape Animal Companion Event

Each student can earn Medals during the training. To get these Medals, the student must collect a specific number of Tuition Points:

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Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Medals for Tuiton Points at Companion Cottage in Farmville 2 Country Escape Companion Event

 9 Tuition Points: 1 Bronze Medal

13 Tuition Points: 1 Silver Medal

17 Tuition Points: 1 Gold Medal

23 Tuition Points: 1 Platinum Medal

The Medals your students have earned can be used to get Bonus rewards. You can do this by simply completing the Medal requirements shown in the Bonus board.

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You can view the number of Tuition Points you have collected by checking the counter in the bottom left corner of the menu.

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You will start earning rewards when you reach specific Tuition Point milestones. A yellow bar will mark your progress.

Tuition Points Milestones- Farmville 2 Companion Event

Keep training your students to collect all the needed Tuition Points to get the baby White Peruvian Paso Fino Horse and 10 Favors.

image from
Farmville 2 Companion Cottage Event Main Prize: Baby White Peruvian Paso Fino Horse.

The horse looks really cute. Will you participate in the event?

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