Jane’s Farm Update – Players Complain

Janes Farm Update

Developer Qumaron updated the game recently but the users are not amused.

Jane’s Farm has about 1 million downloads so far, so there is not much on social media but what I found out is looking not so good for the game.

But first things first, At the last days of january 2020 Jane’s Farm received an update.

The update information looks like this on the Google Play Store for example:

– We updated the world map. Now when you send goods to cities, you can earn an extra reward by collecting keys and opening chests
Open the chests and get: building materials, energy, gold, bonuses
– A new garment factory with many new recipes
– Bug fixes

So extra rewards for sending goods and a new garment factory sounds really nice. New recipes as well.

But they also included bug fixes, which many users said it did not really happen, instead it got more bugged.

One player complained in a review:

The new update is really giving trouble in game. We cant click things behind the building using the eye icon. Whenever we try to click…it only trying to move or sell things. If need to clear the weeds or rocks behind the building or need to plant something is very hard.

Another user over on Facebook wrote this:

Jane’s Farm – Farm Up So glad you are proud of this update because we are not. You have resolved NOTHING! Just gave us more of it.

And another one on the same Facebook thread:

I feel the game has changed for the worse

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