Win the Cupid Canine in Farmville 2: CE Love Express Event

Love Express Event Farmville

With Valentine close around the corner, lets help Marie helping Calvin to win the heart of Stella in Farmville 2: Country Escape new Love Express Event, and win the cute cupid canine.

Update: this is mega frustrating, Zynga changed in phase 5 the items. Instead of Scones you need now Loaded Potatos.

You have to be at least at level 12 to participate in the Love Express event.

The Love Express event will run from today until February 16th 2020. In the Love Express Event are 6 phases.

Start by tapping the Love Express Station

Love Express Event Farmville 2 Country Escape
This is the Love Express Station

Here you will see 6 different phases of the Love Express Event. You have to complete one phase after another.

Love Express Event Farmville 2 Country Escape phases
Phases of Love Express Event
Love Express Event Farmville 2 Country Escape list of rewards
Phase 1 - 8 Speed Seed and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 2 - 3 Nails and 8 Speed Seed

Phase 3 - 2 Padlocks and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 4 - 2 Nails, 2 Padlocks and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 5 - 10 Keys and a box of Stamps (3 Bronze, 2 Silver, 1 Gold)

Phase 6 - Cupid Canine (
Below are the icons of the rewards for each of the 6 phases in the Love Express Event.

And this is what you will get as rewards for completing each phase in the Love Express Event:

Phase 1 – 8 Speed Seed and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 2 – 3 Nails and 8 Speed Seed

Phase 3 – 2 Padlocks and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 4 – 2 Nails, 2 Padlocks and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 5 – 10 Keys and a box of Stamps (3 Bronze, 2 Silver, 1 Gold)

Phase 6 – Cupid Canine (Temporary Farm Hand can be used for 30 days)

Let´s see in an example on phase 1 how to finish a phase on the Love Express event in Farmville 2: CE.

love express event pastry oven rewards cupids casket 
Phase 1 - 8 Speed Seed and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 2 - 3 Nails and 8 Speed Seed

Phase 3 - 2 Padlocks and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 4 - 2 Nails, 2 Padlocks and 5 Golden Gloves

Phase 5 - 10 Keys and a box of Stamps (3 Bronze, 2 Silver, 1 Gold)

Phase 6 - Cupid Canine (

In the Love Express event´s phase 1 you have to use the Pastry Oven to cook Cupid´s Cookies. This will give you the needed flowers in different colors, as you can see in the image above. You need to have 2 of each flowers in yellow (Kiss of Sun), silver (Serene Silhouette) , red (Red Roses) and purple (Purple Flora).

For cooking the Cupid´s Cookies you need special Love Express event items like Meringue in phase 1. These special items can be found in the Engine Warehouse if you send your farm hands in there.

In phase 2 you get the Melted Chocolate, in phase 3 Edible Gold in there.

Balsamic Vinegar in phase 4, Tomato Cherries in phase 5 and Rose Stone Beads in phase 6.

To send your farm hands you need to craft Lover´s Fuel in the Windmill for 100 Gold Coins.

You can get 2 additional farm hands if you are ready to pay 150 keys for one or 300 keys for both of them. This is about 5-6 / 10-11 dollars if you are low on keys and need to invest real money.

Station-Mistress Stella and Hugh Cupid can help find the items in Love Express Event faster

In each phase you need also other items which are in places like Grandma’s Glade, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, Mallard Mill. These items are:

Phase 1 : Coconut Milk , phase 2: Jackfruit, phase 3: Black Truffles,

phase 4: Matsutake Mushrooms , phase 5: Moose Milk Cheese,

phase 6: Satin Rose.

So the more farm hands the faster you get needed items.

And finally you need items/ products which you should be able to produce already on your farm. In Phase 1 you need Country Biscuits.

In phase 2 Eggs, Goat Milk, Sugar, for phase 3 need Honey Butter.

In phase 4 Butter, Chives and Tomatoes and in phase 5 Scones Update now: Loaded Potatos , Baked Potatoes and Honey Butter. Use this information so you can produce already upfront for the next levels of the Love Express Event.

After finishing production of the Love Express Event item and for finishing quests about the Love Express you will win Cupid´s Caskets. When you open those caskets you win rewards such as needed for completing the phase, but it can also be coins.

Phase 2

In phase 2 you will be crafting the Aphrodite’ s Ambrosia in the Pastry Oven.

You also need 1 of the Bewitching Bites.

Bewitching Bites can be crafted in the Dairy. You need 2 eggs, 2 goat milk and 3 sugar for it.

Or you can find the Bewitching Bites on the market for 390 to 490 Coins.

Phase 3 Warning! Level 17 required!

Update for phase 3 if you want to prepare and produce in advance.

You want to produce at least 32 butter. For this you will need 96 = 96 minutes cow milk. For this you will need 288 wheat =144 minutes. It takes 5 minutes for 1 butter = 160 minutes = 2 hours 40 minutes.

You need the butter to produce Honey Butter. You also need Honeycomb, which you will get from level 17. You will get 3 Honeycombs every 45 minutes from the bee hive. You need to have 2 Honey Butter per Love Express Item Lovestruck Truffles . I would advise making 32 Honey butter. This would be 11 times you will need the bee hive to produce, which just takes water. You will need 495 minutes for that, this is 8 hours and 15 minutes.

Honey Butter Ingredients FarmVille 2 Country Escape

Now you can finally starting to make the Lovestruck Truffles. It will take 10 minutes to produce them.

You can produce Lovestruck Truffles in the Dinner Oven. Level 17 is required. Producing Lovestruck Trufflles will get you Event Items, of which you will need 6 to complete phase 3. However since producing Lovestruck Truffels will not always result in Cupid´s Caskets that rewards you with this items, I calculated that you need to produce at least 16 Lovestruck Truffels to finish phase 3. It can be more or less so be prepared to produce a little bit more. So for 16 items you need 160 minutes = 2 hours 40 minutes.

Phase 4

farmville love express event phase 4
Here is what you need for phase 4.

First collect enough Balsamic Vinegar from the Engine Warehouse for later. Also make sure you have enough butter (2 per item) und chives (2 per item).

You will be able to cook Grilled Matsutake Mushrooms with Chives, Butter and Matsutake Mushrooms.

After crafting the Mushrooms you can now go to the Stovetop. You also need 2 tomato which you can grow in your farm and be finally able to make the Spice Smitten Spaghetti.

After 10 minutes you will get a Cupid Casket which will not always offer you the event item, so better prepare more (3-4 times more).

Are you playing the Love Express Event? Do you have some more information or some questions, please let me know in the comments.

Phase 5

In phase 5 your ultimate goal is to make enough Crazy Crust at the Dinner Oven. This will take 15 Minutes. You need to collect Tomato Cherries from the Engine Warehouse.

You also need 1 Loaded Baked Potato. For this you need 2 Butter, 3 Chives and 2 Baked Potato. But this is the biggest problem, because this takes long 4 hours. So prepare the Loaded Baked Potato already upfront in the other phases and maybe buy a second Dinner Oven.

You also will need to produce Cheesy Cherub. This will take 20 minutes. But for this you need to find Moose Milk Cheese and make Honey Butter and Flour. So keep your cow on mass-producing.

To produce Honey Butter you need 2 Honeycomb and 2 Butter.

Also don’t forget you can still get the Baby White Peruvian Paso Fino Horse, find out more about that event here.

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