Valentine’s Event in My Free Farm started

My Free Farm is looking for love The animals on your farm are in search of love for Valentine’s Day.

You can help them by demonstrating your skills in the Valentine’s Couple pairing game.

You uncover 10 cards each day. If you find two of the same motifs, you will receive the matching type case item. If you have an item together five times, there is the animated version.

As further rewards there are products such as carrots, cereals, cucumbers, eggs, potato thalers and of course points.

As a consolation prize you will get at least one cucumber. For a coin you can reveal another card.

Also in the gift machine you get the usual Valentine’s gifts again. You get the animated items, which were already available at previous Valentine’s events, for 10 coins.

In keeping with the Valentine’s theme, the heart lolly is also available as a new gift. The pairing game is available in My Free Farm until Tuesday, February 18 at 11:59 p.m.

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