Township Need for Seeds event started

From today on, with a duration of 1 week you can participate in the new Need for Seeds event in Township.

Your goal in this mini-game is to help Samuel to get his trucks to the farmers market. Start the event by tapping the building in the middle.

Once you are in the mini-game you will have to control your platoon of trucks over several crossroads. At the crossroads cars will be driving and you have to find the best moment to let your trucks pass through.

After your trucks reached the farmers market you will get points.

Collect enough points to unlock your personal goals and get rewards.

Complete more deliveries to compete at the global leaderboard with your neighbors.

Soon you will be running out of fuel. Here is how you can get more.

A tap on the button where you would normally start your next mini-game will show this pop-up from where you can get to the Fuel Factory.

In the Fuel Factory you have to load your produce to generate new fuel.

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