Win the Baby Giant Angora Rabbit in Farmville’s Get Your Soaps Up Event

To start building the Bath Lab, you must first collect all the materials you need.

You need to be Level 15 or higher to start the Get Your Soaps Up Event in Farmville 2 Country Escape.

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Now you need to collect or buy the materials needed to build the Bath Lab. Then, ask your friends for help in building the Bath Lab or hire some Builders.

Bat Lab Farmville 2
This will be the finished Bath Lap

There is a variety of Bath Melts that you can craft in the Bath Lab. Take note that each Bath Melt gives out a different number of Soap Points and the time to craft Bath Melts can be different as well. 

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If you do not have the ingredients, you can always ask for help by clicking on the Call My Co-op or Ask buttons. You can also buy the ingredients using Farm Bucks.

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Here are the 5 milestone rewards that you can redeem once you have earned a specific number of Soap Points:

25 Soap Points – 2 Magical Mosaic Archways

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75 Soap Points – 5 Magical Mosaic Fences

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150 Soap Points – Consumables

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275 Soap Points – Magical Mosaic Bathtub

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480 Soap Points – Baby Giant Angora Rabbit

farmville 2 soap points rewards
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