Win the Winsome Setter dog farm hand in Farmville CE St. Patrick’s Day Event

Soon will be St. Patrick’s Day and its already decorated nicely.

If you are level 12 or higher you can now start the St. Patricks’s Day Event.

Start the quests by visiting the Event Green behind Eagle Eye Eddie’s airplane. The Event Green will be dressed as an Irish Town Square, with various stores and an old Irish pub. Their signs are covered with leafy green ivy to make everything look green and vibrant!

There will be 6 phases until March 22. You have to complete all to get the farm hand Winsome Setter on your farm for 30 days.

These are the rewards for each phase:

Phase 1: Speed Seex x8 , Golden Gloves x5

Phase 2: Speed Seed x8, Barn Nail x3

Phase 3: Golden Gloves x5 ,Barn Padlocks x2

Phase 4: Barn Nail x2, Barn Padlock x2 ,Golden Gloves x5

Phase 5: Key x 10 , Silver Stamp x2, Bronze Stamp x3, Gold Stamp x1

Phase 6: Winsome Setter farm hand

Farmville St. Patrick’s Event Supply Ship

Visit the Supply Ship to send your farm hands for 1 hour to find the ingredients and to the Glade, Mine and prized Animals.

Phase 1:

In phase 1 you need Baking Soda, Flour, Buttermilk for the Irish Soda Bread.

To send your farm hands on the Supply Ship you need to craft Sack Lunch at the Windmill.

1 Sack Lunch needs 5 minutes and costs you only 100 Coins.

You will get Irish Shipping Containers as rewards for each produced event item.

These containers will randomly include the needed items such as this in phase 1 : Tears of Joy Plushie.

Phase 2:

In phase 2 you need Cabbage, Green onions, Butter, Chives.

You will be crafting Soul-Stirring Stew in the Stovetop.

1 Soul-Stirring Stew will need 15 minutes and you need 2 Green Onions, 1 Cabbage and 1 Flag-waver’s Fad.

The Flag-waver’s Fad must be crafted in the Diary. For 1 Flag-waver’s Fad you need 2 Eggs, 1 Butter and 1 Chives.

Phase 3:

In phase 3 you have to produce Amber Ale in the Stovetop. 1 Amber Ale will take 10 minutes.

Phase 3 is a little bit easier since it doesnt need another produce. For 1 Amber Ale you have to send your farm hands collecting 2 Hops at the Glade, Pond, Mine, Pier and from your prized animals.

You also need 1 Yeast which your farm hands will find at the Supply Ship. And you need 8 Tomato which will grow anyway on your farm.

Phase 4

In phase 4 you have to cook Chocolate Truffles in the Pastry Oven.

You will receive 2 Barn Nail, 2 Barn Padlock and 5 Golden Gloves.

For the Chocolate Truffles you will need 20 minutes and 1 Whipped Cream, 1 Chocolate Chips and 1 Peach Yoghurt.

The Chocolate Chips you get from the Supply Ship and the Peach Yoghurt you can produce anyway.

To make the Whipped Cream in the Dairy you need 2 Irish Cream, 3 Cow Milk and 5 Sugar.

The Irish Cream your farm hands can find at the pond, mine and prized animals.

Phase 5

In phase 5 you will win 10 Key, 2 Silver Stamp, 3 Bronze Stamp, 1 Gold Stamp

You have to cook the Creamy Potato Gratin in the Dinner Oven, which will need 15 minutes. You need 1 Shallots which your farm hands can find at the Supply Ship.

You also need 2 Colcannon which you can produce at the Dairy. For this you need 1 Irish Lumper which you will get from the Glade,Pond, Mine and prized animals. You also need 2 Mac & Cheese and 1 Chives.

You can produce Mac & Cheese naturally on your farm in the Dinner Oven. For 2 you need 6 Goat Cheese, 12 Egg and 12 Flour. ( The image is for 1 item).

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