More diverse forests, better rebuilding- new Update for Lumberjack’s Dynasty

The news are out about the February update in Lumberjack’s Dynasty.

Treasure chests are scattered around the world, hiding from plain view. No matter where these chests are, one thing is certain – there are interesting items hidden inside, waiting to be picked up. Those items are a great way to boost your finances, or you can use them as a gift for that someone special. The choice is all yours.

Rebuilding materials are now integrated with the item manager and player inventory. Materials you pick up will now be in your inventory, and they can be used directly from there. You can also assign an F-key shortcut to any material (you can do it with other tools too). Only one kind of material can be lifted at a time, meaning that you can’t carry the whole store of materials. Once you’ve used up all the materials you picked up, you must pick up new ones from the next material palette.

They recently added over 800 new building parts for rebuilding with different materials to the game. More materials mean more repairs, which means more fun.

And finally, forest areas are being revamped. Each forest will have its own specific tree species, so if you need a particular kind of wood, you first need to locate the forest in which that tree grows.

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