Alchemy Garden Update Information

Alchemy Garden Alpha was updated to 2.3.0. This new version will see changes in terms of gameplay and NPCs.

NPC design restyling

  • 6 more NPCs, old ones have been redesigned
  • By interacting with NPCs they will tell things about the town, and they will also give some clues regarding the creation of potions or the collection of components .


  • the town has been expanded
  • a large rosewood has been added in the center of town,
  • first alchemy shop will now be in town as well
  • the town’s lights will be illuminated,
  • the villagers will also buy potions at night, in future updates we will have a limited time to sell the potions, since it is normal for people to go to sleep at night.


  • increased the duration of the hours so you have more time to do your activities within the game.
  • player’s movement speed has also been reduced due to balancing issues, since now the days last longer, some adjustments were necessary.


  • the time of day is shown numerically, this will help us to better organize the day within the game.
  • the position of the delete task button has been modified to avoid confusion

Watch the trailer for Alchemy Garden:



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