Peaceful Days – a new farming game mixes Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley

Peaceful Days

In this game, from Vietnamese developer Nhat Nguyen, you can build your dream farm from scratch, raise animals, interact with town folks, take part in interesting festivals, discover many secrets and more!

The game is set in Aurora Town, a beautiful seaside Town, where you can build friendships with people and, become an important person in this small community, take part in many interesting festivals, build your own farm from scratch, spend the rest of the days to find fish that you haven’t caught before or just spend hours in the mine to find ores to upgrade your tools, discover many secrets and more!

  • Farm customization (15 different type of buildings)
    Character customization
  • Request System where play can receive a variety of requests from town folk, such as deliveries, item finding or part-time jobs.
  • Minigames
  • Spring Festivals (There are 3 festivals in the game now for you to take part in!)
  • Rasing animals (There are many type of animals are waiting for you to unlock!)
  • A lot of crops to plant every Season
  • Town secrets
  • Mine Puzzles (There are 20 mine floors and 4 puzzles for you to discover now!)

Upcoming Features:
House customization system.
Better character customization.
Heart Events.
More minigames.
More mine floors + puzzles.

Watch real gameplay video of Peaceful Days and it looks like she in love with the game.

Part 2 gameplay video of Peaceful Days

Thanks @ Simply Freckled for the awesome videos. Click on the name to get taken to her YouTube channel.

Buy Peaceful Days on Steam:

We love that the game has full controller support. The game is available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

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