WoMen in Science is a farm-sim with science and robots

WoMen in Science

Build and customize your farm & join a community of epic scientists. Automate tasks, program robots and race drones.

As of March 16th, 2020, the game will be released on Early Access on Steam.


  • Build and customize your farm : Grow like the good old days and rediscover traditional permaculture techniques, or use biotechnology to cultivate without soil.
  • Raise animals, craft machines and drones to help you
WoMen in Science – Drone
  • Learn new skills : Progress at you own pace in 4 skill trees : Biotechnology (hydroponics, aquaponics, genetics, …), Electronics (build drones and robots), Food Chemistry (Fermentation, Smoking, Sous-Vide cooking, …) and Biointensive Agriculture (permaculture, bio control, …)
WoMen in Science
WoMen in Science -Skill Tree
  • Meet epic scientists : From Grace Hopper to Chien-Shiung Wu, meet 21 characters inspired by real-life scientists. Make friends and push the community to evolve depending on your actions.
WoMen in Science
WoMen in Science – Scientist
  • Take part in science and tech festivals like a hackathon, a drone race or a challenge to clean up the environment.
  • A realistic world : The game is fun, but the science is real! You will find that whether it’s about cooking techniques or growing crops, all the game content is inspired from the real world, and so are the colorful characters.
WoMen in Science
WoMen in Science

About the developers LuanaGames

LuanaGames started in 2015, when 3 friends – Ben, Anouk & Fran6co – decided to make a card game about remarkable female scientists that often did not receive the recognition they deserved. A crowdfunding campaign allowed to print more than 3000 decks that were distributed all over the world. A free PDF print & play edition was also provided, and is regularly used in schools, museums and events.

In 2018, Ben decided to create a video game that would promote gender equality, diversity and science. The game would feature many of the women present in the card game, but also a few men. It would be inclusive from the start, showing not only ethnic diversity, but also neurodiversity and non-binary gender, in a positive and family-friendly way.

The community-driven development will continue in two phases, first adding more content for every seasons : festivals, minigames, quests, animals, etc. The second phase will concentrate on generating a different experience every time : procedurally generated content ,easy and comprehensive modding support

Video: 1 hour gameplay video of WoMen in Science

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