Farmer’s Dynasty & Cattle and Crops now available on

Publisher Toplitz Productions is pleased to announce today that both Cattle and Crops and Farmer’s Dynasty, their popular farming simulations, are now available on digital retailer As part of the launch, each game is currently discounted by 15%!

Farmer’s Dynasty:

Cattle and Crops:

In Farmer’s Dynasty, players take on the role of a family farmer, who is looking to rebuild the failing family business into an agricultural giant and create a dynasty for generations to come.

Combining elements of the life simulation genre with role-playing game elements and bundling them together in a classic farming simulation game, Farmer’s Dynasty invites players to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life in favour of the peaceful tranquillity of a countryside family farm. They will take control of agricultural equipment — from traditional, antique machines to the latest in modern farming innovations — as they plant crops, raise livestock, and repair the buildings on their farm. By building connections with other members of the community and completing challenging quests along the way, players will cultivate their once struggling farm and create a lasting agricultural dynasty!

Cattle and Crops invites players to enjoy a realistic look at farming as they battle the ever-changing elements, thanks to dynamic weather mechanics that affect crop cycles and soil conditions. Through the use of real-world farming equipment and true-to-life environmental circumstances, players will not only enjoy a fun farming simulation — but also learn about the complexities of agriculture.

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