Farmer’s Dynasty Switch version goes gold – consoles receiving updates

Farmer's Dynasty

Toplitz again on top with their communication.

While the Nintendo Switch version of Farmers Dynasty has gone gold and is ready for testing at Nintendo, the PS4 and Xbox players can also expect a patch soon.

As we understand the Facebook Post, the team which ported the game to the Switch is now investing time and ressources for the other consoles.

Finally they assure their fans that working on the title will continue.

Here is the post in full detail:

We wanted to give all of our Farmer’s Dynasty console players a quick progress update on the PS4 and Xbox One patch and Nintendo Switch version. Let’s start with the Switch first.

We can say that the Nintendo Switch version of Farmer’s Dynasty has gone through and passed testing with Nintendo, and we are now working with our publishing partner on setting up a release date. As soon as we will know this date, we will inform all of you here.

We are also working on the console update too, making sure that our Farmer’s Dynasty console players will receive the same perks as PC users. We are still testing this patch, and soon we will be sending it to PlayStation and Xbox for their own internal testing too. We will keep you updated on the progress of it as well.

Lastly, a few of you are concerned that since we announced Medieval Dynasty, that Farmer’s Dynasty will no longer receive further updates or content. This is far from the case. The studio that’s behind Farmer’s Dynasty, UMEO, is in no way involved with the production of Medieval Dynasty, which is handled by Render Cube. They are separate studios that handle two different games. The team behind Farmer’s Dynasty is working hard on a console update and the Nintendo Switch version. The announcement of Medieval Dynasty has no impact on that whatsoever.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns, write them down below. We’re always here, listening to your feedback, so post it away.

Until next time,

Your Toplitz Team

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