Win the permanent Playful Poodle in Farmville 2: CE Prank Park

You can win this cute guy here and the Prankster Poodle in Farmville 2 : Country Escape new event Prank Park.

Visit the Prank Park in the North East of your farm.

Prank Park location Farmville

There you will see your dashboard.

Prank Park Dashboard

From here you can see how many Humor Points you have already collected and your rank.

The player with the most points will be on top of the Leaderboard.

You have to win Gold (Position 1) to win the Playful Poodle and Gangster Poodle

If you score Bronze you will get 1 Silver Stamp, 1 Padlock, 5 Golden Gloves

if you score Silver you will get 2 Gold Stamps, 2 Padlocks, 10 Keys, Eggtastic Pin

In Stage 2 you can win the upgraded Prankster Poodle (Its not clear if this is permanent) if you score Gold.

For Bronze you will get 1 Silver Stamp, 1 Padlock, 5 Golden Gloves

For Silver you will get 2 Gold Stamps, 2 Padlocks, 10 Keys, All Mine Pin

Stage 1 will run from March 25th to March 30th. Stage 2 from March 31st to April 5th.

Prank Park Special Event Items

You need to produce Ping Pong Ice Cream in the Windmill to be able to send your farm hands into the Prank Shop to find the items. The price is just 100 coins and it takes 5 minutes.

To be able to produce the event products you need your farm hands to find this events special items. These are:


Spring Farmville 2 Prank Park

Licorice Candy:

Licorice Candy Farmville Prank Park


Durian Farmville 2 Prank Park

image from

You can purchase Acrobat Ariel and/ or Prankster Pronto as Farm Hands to help you out during the Prank Park event. You’ll have a higher chance of finding rare event items and more by using these farmhands.


Prank Park event products:

Stinky Sandwhich: In Stovetop – 1 Durian 2 Goat Cheese 2 Egg *15 min

Shock Pen: In Glassworks – 1 Tin 3 Quartz * 20 min

Smelly Souffle: In Pastry Oven – 1 Durian 3 Flour 2 Butter * 20min

Chewy Popcorn: In Pastry Oven – 1 Licorice Candy 2 Honeycomb 3 Corn * 15 min

Popping Candy: In Dairy – 1 Licorice Candy 1 Strawberry Milk * 15 min

Surprise Spray: In Dairy – 1 Durian 2 Sugar 2 Lemon * 15 min

Sprinkling Camera: In Craft Workstation – 2 Spring 2 Quartz * 20 min

Licker Fish: In Stovetop – 1 Locorice Candy 2 Peach 2 Flour * 20 min

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