Hay Day Update 2020 – Bunnies, new Chill Derbies, Blueprints

Most of the not so competetive players will love the news about the Chill Derby. So what is a Chill Derby?

The Chill Derby has no competition between neighborhoods, meaning there is no top 3 or bottom three neighborhoods. Also their is  no League promotion or demotion that week and you don’t race against others.

The tasks board will show 12 stacks of different task types, which remain for 24 hours on the board. During that time you and your neighbours can take and complete any task you like.

Many neighbours can take the same tasks at once. The number above the stack shows how many tests are left. Is there nothing left in a stackm no problem whenever even if you’ve already completed it before easy tasks. You can take a task again even if you already completed it. If there is no task left in the stack just wait until your neighbor finished the task and it will appear again.

All Chill Derby tasks are easy tasks, as we could see in the video, they were really easy. You can’t trash tasks from the board, just wait until the 24 hours are over and new tasks will be loaded.

 During the ChillDerby your task limit is reset every day and your neighborhood will be able to reach even more rewards thresholds.


Bunny Derbies

If a bunny appears on the race screen it means its a Bunny Derbie. This means every time your horse moves the bunny moves too.Your neighborhood needs to complete tasks during bunny time. While in bunny time, every finished task will count towards catching the bunny.

Bunny t imes happens every now and then and stays active for a short period of time, but there will be timers showing you how long it will last and when the next bunny time happens. For catching the bunny you will receive an extra reward threshold.

Upgradeable Decorations

This update is also bringing custom decorations decorations. Which you can upgrade choosing what they look like at every step.

You will get an empty slot for decorations from Derby’s, Valleys events and other places.

Now you can start upgrading it and your decoration has many levels and you can customise it exactly as you like.

For the start there are two custom decorations. Each upgrade has a price it can be coins vouchers or new item the Blueprints. You can get blueprints from Derbies, Valleys,events and other places.

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