Alchemy Story is now available on Steam

I want to welcome a new game into the club of covered games on AgriGarden.

I am talking about Alchemy Story. A game with a garden and cute animals. A game with alchemy, potions brewing, mining, fishing and more. Its not clear if it has full controller support. I asked about that on Steam.

The game is from developer Éloïse Laroche. Her other game on Steam is Bunny Park.

Alchemy Story Trailer

The game is Single-Player only and currently only available in English language.

The first reviews are quite positive:

Just finished a 6-hour play session of this game after buying it only a couple days ago…phew. if you enjoy Stardew valley, My Time At Portia, Harvest Moon, etc, you NEED to pick up Alchemy Story! Farming. Crafting. Cute things. The music is soothing and pretty. The characters are all charming (which girl do I marry?? They’re all so cute!!) along with the adorable animals that exist all over this world. It’s easy to figure this game out (and bless the dev for making the fishing minigame super straightforward);

The amount of love and hard work poured into this game REALLY shows! I’ve been following this games’ development for a while and my excitement grew on every update. Today I’ve finally bought the game and it’s amazing. The art, the music, the game mechanics, the characters, everything is so creatively done! Great job Éloïse!

Alchemy Story is a casual indie simulation game where you fish, look for artefacts, grow ingredients, make potions and save villagers by turning them back to human.


– a wholesome game! There’s no violence in it whatsoever, so it just leaves you with a heartwarming story and gameplay.

– there has been a new update just days ago, so the game is currently definitely in active development.

– there is likely currently enough content for at least 10 hours.


– I wish that the game had better animations

– I wish that my character could use sprint or something to run faster

– It is an early access game and like with all early access games there’s no guarantee that they’ll be completed

– there are people that would like the potion mechanic of the game to be more involved. Currently you collect and brew potions for personal use only and you can sell 3 of them a day. There is a complaint that in a game about brewing potions, you should be requested to do a lot more potion brewing.

Overall: when it came to Steam Graveyard games that received 100 reviews or less, Alchemy Story was my personal pick. I love well made wholesome games and this one was very pleasant to play. If you are into these kind of games, have a look!

There is a video review from december 2019, so I dont know if its still accurate:

Stumpt Price recorded 15 Let’s Plays of Alchemy Story. Here is the first part.




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