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Royal Farm: Wonder Valley is a fairy tales inspired free to play mobile farming game from uGO Games. uGo games company was founded in 2009. Since their launch they have developed 15 games with more than 30 million installs.

The game has currently over a million installs on Android and is also offered in the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

I am seeing 24k reviews with an average of a 4.4 Android and 4.8 iOS stars rating.

Gingerbread man will show you around. He will help you sow some crops, fix the bakehouse and get a couple of very cute cows. Your farm will grow in no time! All this harvest of wheat, corn and strawberries and ripe apples and sweet cherries are waiting for you. Hens will cluck happily and rabbits will chew on the carrot. Keep on playing this free farm game and your will build even more fairytale factories to produce wonderful goods. Make pies, juices and even clothes for the ball to make your farm famous!

● Easy start! This magic farming game is very easy to play. Just a few taps and you are thriving!
● Adventures and fairy tales. Snow White, Rapunzel, Three Little Pigs, Thumbelina and many others are waiting for you!
● Join a guild or create your own! Chat, ask for goods or send them to other players, compete and improve your guild’s reputation.
● Expand and explore. There are a lot of interesting places at your magic farm. Try to get there!
● Lots of stunning decorations. Transform your farm into a true royal farm!
● Meet Esmeralda. She will give you some advice about how to improve your farm with her magic cards, but you need to help her first…
Play with your friends! Help each other and maybe you will get lucky enough to win a prize at the Leprechaun’s.
Trade and send ships! And many other fascinating and interesting things to do…

The game was updated on April 10th 2020, so you can expect frequent updates from the developer.


Friends, we have improved the Dragon Race and added some new features.

Boosters! They will make your farm even more efficient: they can reduce growing and producing time, Little Shepherd will rest less time and cards from the decks will be drawn quicker.
Dragon Race improvements: eserve tasks, opt out of the race and see what task you have already completed.
Dragon Race leaderboard is now available!
New season is on its way!

Royal Farm in the Google PlayStore:

Royal Farm in Apple App Store:

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