Hay Day users are angry about Valley problems

It seems the lastest big spring 2020 update for Hay Day caused more trouble.

Over at Hay Day Official I found a post from Sandra which already got almost 200 reactions in 8 hours, many of them with the same problem.

She posted:

Ok hayday what’s going on in the valley? On of my tasks a few days ago was to visit a fish shop. I used 21 fuel points and never found a fish shop. Yesterday I saw a fish shop not far from my truck but didn’t need to go there. Now today my tasks again says visit 1 fish shop and it’s not there! I’ve spent 22 fuel points to try and find one and I don’t see a fish shop anywhere . this is crazy!

Now, if this is true it means that the game mechanics and algorhythms went totally crazy, or this is intended, making users to spend all their fuel to look for a specific shop, and if the fuel is empty to buy more fuel for real money. This would be totally unfair and toxic to their community.

As I looked into the comments, more and more players were reporting the same issue, thats why I bring it up here. Here are just 3 examples:

  • Wanda: Same happened to me!😡
  • Lori: Happened to me also
  • Vicky: Me too the fish shops were everywhere now when they’re needed no where!😬

Have you had similar experiences? Will it stop you playing the Valley?

Please let me know in the comments. Also if you found a workaround or got any feedback from the developers.

If you dont want to comment you can also send me a mail to: mailbox@agrigarden.digital.

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One Reply to “Hay Day users are angry about Valley problems”

  1. Found the fish store. Kept heading south. It’s across the bridge from the cinema. As you go toward the cloud covered areas, you uncover new land. Do this by servicing a a facility close to the clouded area. You will be exhausting quite a bit fuel. Just a heads up.

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