Garden Paws updated dungeons and added Hedgehog

Dungeon: The dungeon now has scaling difficulty! Added 20+ new drops and completely rebalanced the dungeon so every boss has different drops and every 2-3 floors have unique drops or % of drops.

There is also a new dungeon bag that will grant extra shards, the boss is also guaranteed to drop a relic.

The dungeon shop has a dungeon workbench in the corner in case you forgot your healing powder, there is also a table to purchase relics with a 100% chance for a revive relic to be up for sale.

The Hedgehog has been added in a secret, rare and difficult way but it’s pretty cute when you get one. It can live on the dogs bed or in the forest habitat and will drop one fruit a day.

Conrad has more bulk quests! There are just over 20 quests to complete and if you want even more you can do a quest line to get a bulk bulletin board set up.

This board will rotate between 100+ quest options and will guarantee to give you 30% more than if you sold the items in your shop.

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