Ultimate Fishing Simulator – new Japan DLC and lower difficulty

 Here are the news about the latest update for Ultimate Fishing Simulator.


Sitting by the water you will see the majestic Mount Fuji, but something great is lurking in the water – Wels Catfish and Giant Barb. These two monsters can reach a weight of over 200 kg!

NEW fish species available in Japan DLC:
Carp Koi, Giant Barb, Japanese Eel, Northern snakehead, Sockeye Salmon, Spotted Trout, Tench, Wakasagi, Wels Catfish


Some time ago we did a sandbox mode survey – the results were unambiguous and today we deliver you this game mode that unlocks almost everything in the game.

What is disabled in Sandbox mode?
Leaderboards & achievements. That means you can catch every single fish but you will not able to unlock achievements and show your stats in global leaderboards.


  • New DLC – Japan,
  • Sandbox Mode – new difficulty level with everything unlocked/
    Other new features:
  • Added option to change profile’s difficulty to lower,
  • Added tooltip on profile select screen with information about profile’s level and difficulty/

  • Fixed bug with resolution changes when entering Options screen,
  • Fixed broken loop of Moraine Lake ambient sounds,
  • Fixed bug with wrong player’s position in kayaks,
  • Fixed missing Dough Ball and Semolina Ball baits,
  • Fixed broken buttons hover in VR Quick Menu,
  • Small performance fix when fishing line is over 200m,
  • Fishery editor: fixed problems with drilling,
  • Fishery editor: fixed many problems with fish spawners,
  • Fishery editor: fixed wrong textures of some assets/

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