Big Farm Mobile Update allows you to permanently unlock a 2nd build up – but you have to pay for it

big farm is down

The update is done! You can now find the latest version of the game in your app store.Boost even more of your production buildings.


  • New building effect items – From now on, you can also boost your fields and stables with these special items
  • New upgrade levels – Discover new upgrade levels for your farm fence
  • New Offer – Build or upgrade two buildings in parallel. This new offer allows you to permanently unlock a 2nd build up.
  • Further improvements

Attention: In the comments section players reported that the offer was more expensive on apple devices.

If you have an iPhone/ iPad and have a chance to get an Android device for some minutes (ask your friends, family – but make sure to keep distance and desinfect hands and devices), you might be able to buy it on there cheaper.

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