Funky Bay Caramel Fantasy Event started

Visit a unique park made of candy! 🍭🍬 Help Mia’s friend unravel the mystery of what’s been eating everything, 🍰🍨and make a gigantic portion of salted caramel! 🍧

But the players are not happy with this event. Almost all of the users on Facebook are complaining. Here are 3 examples:

Kimberly Why too much energy needed. If you are going to require so much energy why limit the amount of energy in the campfire. Oh yeah, you want us to spend money. So much so that you double charged me the last time. Yes I got it back, won’t be doing that again. So disappointed in this game.

Cheryl  Started Caramel Fantasy today not liking it at all. You use to much energy to get to other areas, nothin,g under 45 energy and candy is about 100 and more energy goes in seconds also not getting enough free energy.

Margojeanne Love the look of this one. But you want us to use way to much energy, then we can only make so much of the energy. Why can’t you bump up the energy we get from 200 to at least 500 or more when you want us to spend 47 energy for the cheapest item and 265 for the highest item as I see it you just want our cash.

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