Farmville 2 Discover a New Way of Farming Event started

If you are level 25 or higher, you will be invited to “Discover a New Way of Farming!”. Click on the “Let’s Go!” button to begin the feature.

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The Research Laboratory will be automatically placed right outside your Farm. Here’s what it will look like:

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Lily and Lana have developed exciting advances in farming techniques by developing new Hybrid Plots, Hybrid Crops, and different types of Boosters. They can’t wait to show it to you. Visit the Research Laboratory to know more about all the new stuff they are working on.

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Place the Hybrid Plots on your farm by clicking the Hybrid Plots under the Research Projects. 

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You can only plant Hybrid Crops on this special Hybrid Plot. You can take a look at all the Hybrid Crops available by clicking the Hybrid Crops under the Research Projects. 

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The biologists have also developed new boosters to improve upon your Hybrid Plots and Crops. These Boosters can only be used on Hybrid Crops. There are 3 types of Boosters. 

The Growth Booster:

Step 1: Use a Growth Booster to a Hybrid Crop while it’s Growing.

Effect: Reduces Growth Time of the crop by 25%. The Crop will be ready for harvest much faster!

Supercharged Effect: Reduces Growth Time of the crop by 50%!

Step 2: Harvest your Hybrid Crops when ready!

The Multi-Harvest Booster:

Step 1: Use a Multi-Harvest Booster to a Hybrid Crops while it’s growing.

Step 2: Harvest the Hybrid Crop when ready.

Effect: After Harvesting the crop, the seeds will plant and water themselves again. They also carry over the benefits of any previously applied boosters!

Supercharged Effect: After Harvesting the crop, the seeds will plant and water themselves again 2 more times!

The Multi-Water Booster:

Step 1: Use a Multi-Water Booster to a Hybrid Crop instead of watering it.

Step 2: Water it upto 3 more times. 

Effect: You get 2 additional crops for every water added to the Hybrid Crop!

Step 3: Harvest the Hybrid Crops when they’re ready to get the additional crops!

Supercharged Effect: Water it upto 5 more times to get additional output for every water!

Combine Multiple Boosters:

Don’t forget to combine and use any two or all three boosters on the same crop to combine their benefits!

You get Boosters when you perform tasks on the Research Center or you can buy them using Farm Bucks. The biologists will also work to fill up your Boosters every few hours, just to help you out. You can check how many Boosters you have in your Booster Inventory.

When you complete tasks at the Research Center your SuperCharge Meter on the left will begin to fill up! Keep filling up the Meter to win Booster Packs!

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When you complete 12 Research Center tasks in 2 days, you will win a SuperCharge for 24 hours. During a SuperCharge, all your boosters will be upgraded to its SuperCharged effect and completing Experience Center tasks will give 2X Research Experience!

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Winning the SuperCharge for 3 times in a row will also give you Streak Rewards!

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The Research Journal will be updated every time a new Booster is discovered. Click on the “i” button located in the top right corner of the Research Laboratory to watch tutorial clips on how the Boosters work.

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Click on the arrow button to view the other Boosters you’ve discovered.

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Keep leveling up on your Research Level bar to unlock new Boosters and win amazing rewards!

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Complete tasks on the Experience Center to get more Research Experience to increase your Research Level. You earn a reward every time you level up on your Research Level Bar.

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You start earning Milestone rewards when you reach a specific Research Level and Milestone. To see the Milestone Rewards that you can win, click on the “View Rewards” button.

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You get amazing Milestone Rewards at 

  • Level 7
  • Level 12
  • Level 16 and at
  • Level 19

Have fun discovering exciting new ways to farm!

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