Garden Paws Guide: How to play a multiplayer game

Joining an existing room

1. Start your game in online mode

2. Select your character

3. Click on the region the server is in.
4. Click on “Room list” to see a list of available rooms.
5. Find the right one and click it.

6. (Optionally) If the room has a đź”’icon, it means it’s password protected.
Enter the password when prompted.

When visiting someone specific, ask the host for this information.Hosting an online game1. Start your game in online mode

2. Select your character

3. Click on the region you want your server to be in.

4. Give your room a name.
This is the name that will show up in the room list so make sure it’s something your guests can find!

5. (Optionally) Check the password box and add password protection.
Make sure to give this password to the people you want to invite.

6. Choose the world you want to load.
Note that this is the *same* world as your offline one, meaning that any changes made to it will stay!

Some general guidelinesWhen visiting another player:

  • Don’t leave the game before the host has slept. You will lose any progress you have made (items you have traded or bought, animals you have tamed, plants you have harvested, etc.) and it will most likely be irreversible as the host’s game saves with the items already gone.
  • Don’t grief their world (without the host’s permission). That includes building, collecting chests, etc.
  • Don’t accept new quests or complete existing ones (without the host’s permission.) Many people want to do that themselves.

When hosting a game:

  • Always password protect your room, unless you want random strangers to visit.
  • Always lock down any permissions (e.g. opening chests, taking items, etc.) in your options, unless you want your visitors to be able to take everything.
  • Never give your room’s password or permissions to people you don’t trust.
  • You can choose (not) to share your shop profits in options. Check this before opening your game!
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