Farmville 2 Country Escape Tractor Race Event started. Full Guide

Win the permanent Vigorous Victor Farm Hand.

This is a Leaderboard event so be prepared for the stress of reaching/remaining at the top positions.

In your dashboard you will see your current rank , your points and Boosts.

And of course which items you need to produce to get the Payload Points.

You can check your position on the Leaderboard.
You will be rewarded until position 11 but only 1st, 2nd and 3rd will win the farm hand.

The event has 2 phases and in each one you will get the farm hand or the upgraded one. So it will be enough to win 1 stage if you dont need the upgrade.

End of stage 1 is May 25th , Stage 2 ends at May 31st.

Here are the event items for Tractor Race:

Macadamia Health Bar in Stovetop needs 15 min – 1 Macadamia Nuts, 2 Flour , 4 Strawberry

Tri Color Wheel Salad – Stovetop needs 15 min – 1 Mozarella, 4 Tomato, 2 Chives

Mozarella Tractor – Pasty Oven – needs 20 min 1 Mozarella, 4 Carrot, 3 Lemon

Macadamia Rims in Pasty Oven- needs 20 min, 1 Macadamia Nuts, 3 Apple, 2 Flout

Cultivator in Craft Workstation, needs 25 min , 2 Tin, 3 Quartz

Trolley in Craft Workstation, needs 20 min – 100 Timber

Tractor Timer in Craft Workstation, needs 20 min- 1 Plexiglass, 1 Quartz,2 Tin

Tractor Tray in Craft Workstation needs 20min – 2 Plexiglass, 2 Quartz

Send your farm hands to the Custom Shop to get Plexiglass, Macadamia Nuts and Mozarella. For this you need to make Wrench at the Windmill for 100 Coins.

The other special event items can be found at the Pond, Glade, Mine, Grandpas, prized Animals…

New Items and where to get them:

Macadamia Nuts- Excavation Site, Grandma’s Glade, Prized Cow, and Prized Chicken

Mozzarella – Excavation Site, Grandma’s Glade, Prized Sheep, Prized Pig, and Prized Reindeer

Plexiglass- Excavation Site, Grandma’s Glade, Cove, Mine, Prized Horse, and Prized Goat

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