Farmville 2 CE: Vacation Season Full Guide – Win Dauntless Dona Farm Hand

If you have reached level 12 or higher, you can participate in the Vacation Season event. You may need to force close the game or reboot your device to see the latest update. The Event is running until June 22nd so you have plenty of time and no need to get stressed.

You can start the event at the Picnic Point which is conveniently located in an open garden where cloth sheets are spread out to sit in the grass with cushions and fruit baskets. 

You need to craft items limited-time Vacation Season goods and fulfill orders to complete the phases.  If you complete all 5 phases you will win the temporarely farm hand Dauntless Dona for 30 days.

For example in phase 1 you have to craft the event item Roasted Milk Bread. The other items are the common items.

The Vacation Season event special place of interest is the Scavanger Hunt. You need to produce the Scavenger’s Screen in the Windmill. You need 100 Coins per Screen.

To craft the event item in phase 1 you need to have 2 Baking Soda for each item.

Your farm hands can find the needed event items at the Glade, the Pond, Mine, Scavengers Hunt, Prized Animals, Mine.

Phase 2

In phase 2 all items are not common items, so it will take more time to craft them, here is the overview:

In phase 2 you have to craft Corn Cobbettes in the Dinner Oven. You need 2 Asparagus , 2 Corn and 2 Butter. It will take 15 minutes.

Also in Dinner Oven you can craft Apricot Mustard Pinwheel. It needs 1 Apricot Mustard, 2 Country Biscuits and 1 Sugar, it will take 15 minutes.

In the Stovetop you have to craft Charred Salad. You need 1 Asparagus, 2 Carrots and 1 Peach, it will take 20 minutes.

Also in the Stovetop you can craft Crispy Crepe. You just need the common items 1 Egg and 1 Tomato, it takes 5 minutes.

Phase 3 (Thx to Nuria for the screenshots)

Scavenger’s Skewers will be cooked in the Stovetop and need 2 Tangy Trio, 3 Carrot and 3 Goat Cheese.

Also in the Stovetop you can cook the Wonderful Wedges. They need 1 Pearl Onions and 2 Baked Potato.

In the Stovetop you can cook the Surprise Dip. This needs 1 Tangy Olives, 1 Pearl Onion and 4 Tomato.

This is the Tangy Trio which you need for the Dip and the Skewers. It needs 1 Pearl Onion, 1 Tangy Olives and 2 Strawberry.

In the Dinner Oven you can cook the Onion Hoops. You will need 1 Pearl Onions, 2 Flour and 1 Herb Butter.

Phase 4 Overview

Pineapple Cream Cake has to be baked in Pastry Oven and needs 2 Pineapple und 1 Carrot Cake.

Saccharine Sundae can be produced in the Dairy with 1 Pineapple, 1 Blackberries and 1 Peach Yoghurt.

Passion Pancake will be baked in the Dinner Oven. You need 2 Delighful Drop Scone, 2 Peanuts and 1 Honeycomb.

And for the Garnished Galette you need 1 Delightful Drop Scone, 2 Peanuts and 2 Strawberry Milk, oh and the Stovetop.

You will need a lot of this Delightful Drop Scone and here is the recipe. You need 3 Flour and 1 Sugar and the Pastry Oven.

Phase 5 Overview

For the Guiding Light you need 2 Twigs, 1 Vine Ball and 2 Beeswax Candle at the Craft Workstation.

The Pen Holder can also be produced in the Craft Workstation. You need 2 Memory Frame and 4 Clay.

And also the Summer Snowflake is produced at the Workstation. You need 1 Twig, 2 Tin and 2 Quartz.

Since you need to craft Memory Frame for the Pen Holder, here is the recipe. You need 1 Vines and 2 Clay.

Thanks so much to Nuria who helped so much!! 🙂 Big Thanks! Also Thanks to Letty, Eva, Ruth and Nicole!

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