Funky Bay Underwater World Guide

See the submarine near the lighthouse on the farm? It can take you to new locations full of all kinds of sea creatures. Jumper – the event character – lets you know when the adventure begins and explains what to do when you move to the next event map.

There is also a submarine icon on the left displaying the time remaining before the event ends.

Your goal is to progress through each underwater location and move on to the next one. Adventurers can get final rewards at the end of each completed location. You can also get special rewards in each location as you make your way through them.

We recommend completing additional tasks in the quest window to get more points and work your way up the event leaderboard. Points earned also allow you to get rewards for achieving personal goals. Clear away garbage, open gates, hunt for treasure, collect pearls, open amphoras and chests, restore statues, feed the sea life, save submarines and put valves on pipes to get additional points and make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Clearing objects gets you various resources and experience. You can view the list of collected resources in your inventory by clicking the backpack button in the lower left corner.

You will find a special orange bomb on your first adventure. Move it through the location until you reach an area you think could do with some serious clearing up. Once the bomb is set, it explodes – clearing the way further.

But if you still have unfinished tasks in the current area, complete them before moving on. Once you move to the next location, you can’t come back!

There are several ways to restore oxygen:

  • Oxygen restores automatically over time
  • You can get extra oxygen for opening chests and amphoras
  • You can get extra oxygen by collecting treasures
  • You can get extra oxygen in the chest with the final reward of the level
  • You can buy additional oxygen via the ‘+’ button next to the oxygen panel.

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