So cute! New Farming Game with a princess

The Farm: Sassy Princess

Today was the release of DAERISOFT‘s cute korean Farming Game The Farm: Sassy Princess in my region.

There are so many mobile farming games but this one is really special. The story is unique with a princess forced into marriage but run away.

A nice feature is the Auto-select of your tools, like in Harvest Moon LOH.

The User Interface looks user friendly and the controls seem to be easy.

I also love the relaxing music. But look for yourself. I recorded the whole first week in the game and you can watch it here:

First week of The Farm: Sassy Princess


Home page:


The game does not need so much space on your phone, only 39 MB.

The Farm: Sassy Princess is Free-to-Play. However if you want to support the developer you have options for In-Game purchases, and I must say they are very fair ranging from 0,89 to 26,99 $/€/… .

The currency in the game is called PAM and it seems it had a little inflation, because you start with 3 or 4 digits prizes for seeds for example.

Key Features:

■ Become a farmer and harvest a variety of crops!

■ Meet the charming neighbors and help them solve the problems!

■ You can settle in and start your family with one of the three bachelors!

■ Complete different quests for residents over seasons and gain crops!

■ Combo system available! Say good bye to boring harvesting! Feel the fun in farming!

■ Fishing is one of the basics for farmers! Catch varieties of fishes!

■ Raise your Novice Farmer Princess to a Legendary Farmer!

Player reviews are mostly postive at the PlayStore with a current average rating of 4,3. Players were critical about the In-Game time rushing too fast and the HP are used up so fast.

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