Funky Bay starts new expedition – players are furious

Larry is getting ready to take his driver’s exam! 😎 For the sixth time… 😅 Meanwhile, Mia is organizing a reunion of her old punk band and putting a concert together. 🎸🎤 Help Larry handle the stress 🌿 and get his license while putting on a concert by “Hard No”! 👩‍🎤

But the fans of the game are not happy, here are some comments as example:

Jeanette I give up on doing any of them! I had almost 9000 energy and 9 bombs saved up and decided to do the 4th of July one. Played it for 5 days… guess what… couldn’t finish it!😡 it is impossible to do!

Flavia The 4th of july event was impossible…. I gave it up the second day!

Sherry I find the energy source use that till time runs out. Gets extra energy to help restore lighthouse. Some are getting harder to find and the levels one didn’t have a source. But using arts cooking pot for lighthouse energy lol

Elvira  I gave up on that one too, it seems they don’t want us to finish them, I am seriously thinking of giving up on Funky Bay, I play to relax but playing this makes you stressed and wastes a lot of time

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