Harvest Land – mobile farming with adventures

Harvest Land

Harvest Land is a mobile farming game for Android and iOS from the Canadian developer MysteryTag. It is 106 MB in size on Android and has more than 10 million downloads 

Key Features

• Cultivate wheat, grapes and other crops

• Raise chickens, pigs, sheep and cows

• Construct sawmills, hen houses, hog farms, mines and more

• Keep expanding and uncover the endless secrets of the lost island

• Trade with your friends online

• Battle with island monsters

• Gamble for winning additional resources like diamonds, stones, wood

The score is currently of 4.2 in the Android Play Store and most players complaining about not enough storage and that you have to spend real money to progress  in later levels also.

So you main work in the game will be deliveries for the guys and girls coming with their boats to your island and requesting  items from you. In this game especially it’s hard to deliver and fulfill requests.  This is basically because they start to ask for items which you currently can produce already , but you don’t have  the production buildings yet and also building the production buildings is taking sometimes up to 3 days .So for 3 days you getting request that you can never fulfil because you don’t have the production buildings , and this is very sad.

For every delivery that you were fulfilling you will be getting some gold and some experience points.

Of course the main problem like in all of this game is your storage.  Because the guys from the boats requesting a lot of items and because you want to fulfill as many request as possible, this means you need to keep a lot of items in your storage but then you storage fills up really too quickly and this is a big problem.

Of course thats a problem the developers want because you can upgrade the storage with this Amulet items which of course  are rare and random and you often don’t get those which you need. 

One thing that is special about this game is that you have to fight. for this you have the Warriors which live in this houses which look like viking houses, which is quite cute.  So you should try to constantly produce weapons. Sometimes  you will see little bugs walking around, you have to attack them and then get some experience rewards and maybe some amuletes, this was not clear.

 Then we have the floating cinema here you can watch videos and earn diamonds or gold or  casino chips and this is very interesting we have a little casino there where you can play with the chips that you earned.

Apart from the bugs that you have to fight, you also have to fight against big bosses. This big bosses are the only chance to open up new areas of the island.

 Another interesting thing is the whale, where you can select the resources which you wish to get and then other players can come to your island and sell you the items- but unfortunately you are not so free, you have a cap on how many items you can request and this is most of the time not enough but it’s helping a bit

If you want you more online and multiplayer you can join a clan. Here you can communicate and help each other.

And once you joined a guild , why not compete in the the Dragon racer? They are held every week and lasts 6 days with one day break between them. For every completed quest you will earn racing points that will advance your Dragon and at the end of the race all clan members receive rewards from the chests.

So what do you think? Should I show more from that game, should I be playing it more? Are you playing at and maybe want to join clan together?Let me know in the comments, or on the Facebook page.

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