Township- Snow Ride event and Professor’s Experiments started

Players need to help the professor by handing in tasks, which you would usually do anyway.

There are daily tasks and ongoing tasks.

At the bottom you can see the timer for the ongoing tasks.
They will add new experiments every week.

About the snow event, I love snow 🙂 Nice to think about snow in our hot summer.

I recorded a video showing you how the snow event mini game works, allthough I was not very good in it…

You have to play this sidescroller game, which represents a snow race track. Try to catch as many stars as possible and make it over the finish line.

Your collected stars show up at the bottom and are filling the blue bar. Every time you completely fill that blue bar it will need more stars the next time.

You need 5 snow flakes per race and you recover 1 snow flake every 5 minutes.

Every time you fill the blue bar with your stars, you get the chance to win something on the prize wheel.

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