Farmville 2 CE – Win the permanent Frisky Bitzer Farm Hand – Guide

Farm Fit event time date end
Farm Fit Challenge

In Farmville 2: Country Escape you can now all participate in the Farm Fit Challenge.

This is a leaderboard event, so you will have to crat event items to get Activity points.

Farm Fit event time date end

The event is short and consists of 2 stages. Phase 1 from 15 th July to July 20th and Phase 2 from the 21st to 26th July.

This time only Rank 1 and 2 will get the farm hand. UPDATE: It now shows ranks 1 to 5 will get the Frisky Bitzer.
Check at the Farm Fit place which items you currently can exchange for points.

Here are the recipes for the Farm Fit Challenge special items. If you find some other ones, because of higher level, please let me know.

For the ScoreBoard you need 2 Tin and 3 Clay at the Craft Workstation.

The Athlete’s Backpack requires 1 Jute Thread. 2 Tin Button and 3 Quartz.

The Natural Cooler can be crafted with 1 Jute Thread and 4 Clay.

For the Ping-Pong-Pops you need 1 Chia Seeds, 2 Cow Milk and 3 Strawberry.

For the Tropical Enery Bar you need 1 Chia Seeds, 1 Peach Yoghurt and 1 Sugar.

For the Instant Roast you need 1 Coconut Oil, 2 Baked Potato and 1 Honey Butter.

The Mighty Mojo requires 100 Timber and 3 Wool.

For the Resting Mat you will need 2 Jute Thread and 2 Blanket.

For the Champion’s Pudding you will need 1 Chia Seeds, 3 Carrot and 2 Flour.

For the Tomato Puree Deadlift you will need 1 Coconut Oil, 2 Tomato and 1 Deviled Eggs.

Coconut Oil you can find at: Farm Fit Floor, Mine, Prized Sheep, Pig, Reindeer.

Chia Seeds you can find at: Farm Fit Floor, Glade, Prized Cow m Chicken.

Jute Thread can be found at: Farm Fit Floor, Pond, Pier, Mill, Prized Horse, Goat

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