New Animal Hotel Event in Farmville 2 Country Escape – updated Guide

Farmville Animal Hotel Event Summer 20

Marie and all the farmhands are away for the summer holidays! Unfortunately, their pets can’t go with them! So while Marie and the gang are away the pets take their very own vacation at the Animal Hotel, which is located near Sophia’s Tasting Table.

For this events you will get 2 new crops. The Oranges Tree and

cucumbers. To complete a phase, you need to fulfill the orders that you pick from the order tab. Fulfilling orders also gives you Hospitality and Upgrade Points. The Upgrade Points will help you unlock this areas.

The event is running until August 23. Complete all 5 phases during this time to win the Dog Butler.

Special Items Locations:

Tulip: Animal Lounge, Mine, Prized Rendeer & Sheep

Orange: Orange Trees

Cucumber: Cucumber field

Tilapia: Pond, Pier, Prized Pig

Leeks: Glade, Prized Cow & Chicken

Denim: Animal Lounge, Mill, Prized Horse & Goat

Recipes Animal Hotel

Tulip Salad: 1 Tulip, 1 Tomato and Leek Jam, 2 Orange

Tilapia Soup: 1 Tilapia, 1 Lemon, 2 Goat Milk

Honey Glazed Carrots: 2 Leeks, 5 Carrot and 2 Honeycomb

Tilapia Pizza: 1 Tilapia, 4 Tomato, 3 Flour

Party Glares: 1 Tilapia, 1 Quartz, 100 Timber

Hotel Hat: 1 Denim, 4 Orange, 1 Tin

Coat Brush: 1 Tulip, 1 Quartz

Spring Boomerang: 4 Orange, 1 Tilapia, 50 Timber

Hotel Soap: 1 Leeks, 1 Goat Milk, 2 Lemon

Tilapia Plushie: 1 Tilapia, 3 Wool, 4 Clay

Toy Squeakers: 1 Denim, 2 Clay, 2 Honeycomb

Hotel Mascot: 1 Tulip, 3 Clay, 4 Wool

Fish Pot Pie: 1 Tilapia, 3 Flour, 1 Leeks

Tulip Cookies: 1 Tulip, 3 Orange, 1 Country Biscuits

Cheesy Greens: 1 Leeks, 4 Cucumber, 1 Goat Cheese

Tulip Jam: 1 Tulip, 4 Orange, 2 Sugar

Tomato and Leek Jam: 1 Leeks, 3 Tomato, 4 Honeycomb

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