Farmville 2 Farm Airshow Guide – updated – Win the permanent Aviator Ace

Stock up on Sugar, Flour and Butter.

There are 2 stages, the first from September 9th until September 14th and stage 2 from September 15th to September 20th.

Win Gold in either stage to earn the Aviator Ace. If you win both stages you will get the upgraded Aeronaut Ace.


Start off the quests by visiting the Air Show Event Headquarters located behind Eagle Eye Eddie’s airplane. The Event HQ will guide you through the items needed in each phase, the rewards and tips. 

You can also access the progress from the lower progress bar. Easily track how much time is left when the event starts, and what your next reward will be. Once you complete a section of the progress bar, tap it to earn extra coins!


 New items needed and where to locate them:

Sugar Dough

Recipes stage 1

For the Quick Bread you will need 1 Sugar Dough, 1 Sugar and 2 Goat Cheese

Mechanics Munchies can be crafted in the Windmill.

For the Bomber Jacket you need 1 Jacket and 3 Wool.

For Grilled Cheese you need 1 Aged Cheddar, 4 Corn and 2 Butter

Herby Cheese Fries needs 1 Aged Vheddar, 2 Tomatos and 2 Chives.

For Cookies you need 1 Sugar Dough, 2 Butter and 2 Sugar.

Cheese & Crackers need 1 Aged Cheddar, 1 Goat Cheese and 1 Honey Butter.

For the Toy Aircraft just need 100 Timber.

To bake Apple Muffins you need 1 Sugar Dough, 4 Apple and 2 Country Biscuits.

To craft Pilots Cap you will need 1 Heavy Cloth and 3 Quartz.

For the Flight Pack you need 1 Heavy Cloth, 2 Tin and 2 Blanket.

Mechanics Vest needs 1 Heavy Cloth and 5 Wood.

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2 Replies to “Farmville 2 Farm Airshow Guide – updated – Win the permanent Aviator Ace”

  1. For the stage 1 prizes, if you are rank 1, do you get all the prizes in addition to Aviator Ace? Or do you only get the farmhand? I am considering stopping earning points in hopes of dropping down in rank to get the items instead if you don’t get it all.

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