Funky Bay Gold Rush started Players are angry

A new time-limited expedition has started but Funky Bay players are not happy.

First of all rebuild the Ruined Campfire to be able to craft Energy drinks.

Players complaining there are too many events so they don’t have enough time to finish the events. But this is exactly how the developers have planned it. They wanna lure players who have already spent time and ressources into an event, to spend real cash, so they can finish the event on time.

On the other hand, players are getting angry or upset and start thinking about leaving the game.

In the end its a numbers game. Can Funky Bay earn enough through additional income from frustrated but wealthy players or will too many players turn their backs and can not be monetized ever again?

A compromise would be easy and keep the community happy: If there would be just a little more time for such events, so that a majority of daily active players can finish it- noone would consider leaving the game. And a happy community is a community which spends more money on the game.

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